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  • A Cut Above Perfection

    A Cut Above Perfection

    Niru Sri Lanka strives to maintain its top position as a leading provider of stones in Princess and Baguette cuts, as well as developing its precision cut diamonds supply into new markets. Through specialization, capacity building and developing core competencies, we dominates these niches in the world market. Our manufacturing and distribution strengths are geared to adding value to these products by keeping costs low while delivering unparalleled quality and yield as well as fast turnaround time.

  • Perfect Synergy

    Perfect Synergy

    We pride ourselves on being able to have access to the best diamonds in the world and a steady supply of it to ensure the most stable of operations. On its significant scale of operation, the diverse skills and competencies within the operation as well as the integrated IT infrastructure that allows for efficient and optimal inventory management across the companies.

  • Assured Rough

    Assured Rough

    The roughs we purchase comes either as sawables or sawn cleaves. By working closely with the rough suppliers, we are able to secure the required volumes of the right types of roughs which allow us to maximize the yield of the cut and polished stones. Our in house sawing operations including traditional sawing and lazer sawing help to ensure low costs as well as quality assurance.

  • Perfect Selections

    Perfect Selections

    Our grading standards are undeniably recognized across the jewelry and diamond industry as the most reliable and accurate. As we adopting the GIA grading system in all our processes, we are able to guarantee that even the smaller stones which do not carry a GIA certificate are graded as per GIA certification standards.

  •  The DCL Promise

    The DCL Promise

    DCL promises to deliver exactness. From Sawing rough diamonds to cutting and polishing Rounds Baguettes, Tapers and Princess or Fancy Cuts. The highest quality diamonds are produced in this factory.

Diamond Cutters Ltd

Formed in 1987 with a work force of just 80 employees to cut and polish Briliant cut Diamonds for a Japanese company, was the inception of Diamond Cutters Limited...

Niru Lanka Export

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